Coming August 5th and 6th:
Apologetics conference with
Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology! 

Ted Wright, a biblical archaeologist from right here in the Shoals, will be joining us on Sunday, August 5th, and Monday August 6th for a conference of the merging of faith and science. Ted has worked with Dr. Frank Turek, whom you met this past winter, at the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist conference. Our hope is that, as believers in Jesus Christ, we will be encouraged to sit down and be able to reason with those around us that may be skeptical of Jesus. We needn’t be afraid of science. In many cases, science itself points to Jesus!

Ted will be speaking on Sunday morning, and then on Sunday and Monday nights (the 5th and 6th), he will be walking us through various aspects of apologetics, so that we may be equipped to do the good work the Bible calls us to. I can’t wait for this event, and I hope you’ll invite your friends to experience this event, as well!
Click Here to see Ted Wright’s biography.