Our Vision 

First Baptist Church exists to glorify God by building a Great Commission culture in the people of Russellville, Alabama. We desire to be a church that fosters intimacy with God and equips the church to make disciple-making disciples that would reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our Core Values

Everything we do at First Baptist Church revolves around these core values. Every dollar we spend, every class we offer, every mission trip we take, every conversation we have revolves around becoming more like Christ. We feel the Lord Jesus has placed us in Russellville, Alabama, to make these truths evident. We see these three Core Values as being the DNA of our church:


I. Equip The Church to Be Disciples of Jesus

Romans 12:2 encourages believers to not “be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind in Christ Jesus.” When the church comes to the church building at 213 North Jackson Avenue, we come to be EQUIPPED to become what we call “disciple-making disciples.” When the church becomes a body of disciple-making disciples, they inherently become less focused on themselves and more focused on the other two core values listed below. We foster an environment of discipleship in several ways:

Group Life

We feel that as the church grows bigger in numbers, the ability to connect with one another must grow, as well. We offer opportunities for the church to grow smaller in what we call group life. Group life happens in a couple different ways… We connect through our Sunday School ministry each Sunday morning at 9:30am throughout our church campus. We have small groups (classes) to fit every walk of life. Join us and allow us to help you get plugged in!

We also offer several group options throughout the week which help you to grow as a disciple in Christ. There are topical Bible studies available on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. These studies differ from our Sunday studies, and they allow you to do group life with a different group of folks from what you might experience on Sunday mornings. We encourage you to try one of these studies, as well!


We currently offer two opportunities for you to worship Jesus in a corporate setting. Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM, we offer a blended worship environment with engaging music, prayer time, as well as a challenging biblically-based message designed to complement what you experience in group life. On Sunday nights we offer a more stripped-down worship experience with a smaller group of people. The messages at this worship experience are generally deeper in nature and typically involve teaching through a book of the Bible. This is a perfect situation for a person who wants to take the next step in their walk with Christ.


II. Engage The World With The Gospel of Jesus

The Great Commission makes it clear: The church is “to make disciples of all nations.” It is impossible for a church to make disciples if they refuse to engage the lost world. Engaging the world essentially means being willing to develop relationships with non-believers, sharing their successes and standing along side of them in their hurts. It requires the church to not build walls to hide behind, but to break down walls that divide and meet society where they are.

We accomplish this by being relational evangelists in our everyday lives. We are missionaries, whether we go across the street or around the world. We allow the world to see into our lives, that whether it be tragedies or triumphs, they might know that we are disciples of Christ. We desire to make a concerted effort to know the needs of those in our spheres of influence, and we make efforts to meet those needs. By doing so, we open ourselves up to having gospel-centered conversations with a culture that desperately needs Christ.


III. Encourage The World With The Hope of Jesus

Whether you read the news in a newspaper, watch the news on television, or read the news on your smartphone or tablet, one thing is certain, we live in a time where there is an abundance of suffering and people are looking for a remedy for that suffering. The Great Commission says to go to these who are hurting and bring a message of peace…of hope. First Baptist Church has a missions strategy designed to meet the needs of our world, whether that world is a plane ride away, or a short walk to the mailbox. Our missions strategy involves more than mission trips, though.


So many people in Russellville are struggling to meet basic needs. Our desire is that we can help them get back on their feet, all the while giving them the gospel of Jesus to take with them. We currently have a food pantry ministry that helps those who are hungry in our town meet basic meal needs.


Our bereavement ministry is designed to encourage those struggling with the loss of a loved one though meal support, as well as notes of encouragement and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. Times like these can be overwhelming for a family. Our goal is to love families and demonstrate the gospel to them through acts of encouragement.
Biblical Counseling
Life can be hard. Nobody denies that. And many people look to the church to be a refuge from the storms of this life. First Baptist Church seeks to be a place where people can go to find the answers to life’s many questions. We have trained counselors on staff that are here to listen, to give a shoulder to cry on, and a word of encouragement from God’s Word to help them find their way.