Purpose Statement
Weekly Activities:
Sunday Small Groups – Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM
Each Sunday, we gather in grade-centric small groups, read and discuss the Bible, and look for ways to apply the truths of Scripture to our everyday lives. There is a good chance your student has classes, is in a club, or plays a sport with one of our kids. We would love for your student to join ours and connect with them!
Student Worship – Wednesdays at 6:00 PM in the student worship space
This is the time that students worship together each week. They come together, sing songs they hear on the radio, play games, and hear a relevant and inspiring message from our Student Pastor. This is the front door for our ministry. We encourage our students to invite friends, as this worship experience is a safe place to invite friends who are un-churched or de-churched. There is no flowery language or religious doublespeak. It’s just a time students can be real with one another and with Jesus. We hope your student will join us!
Big Events We Do Each Year:
Summer Camp
This year we are going to Centerfuge.
Senior Recognition Sunday 
Let’s send our seniors out into the world in the right way! We’ll spend the worship service recognizing them, but we will also point them to exalt Christ in their lives, not only in high school, but for the rest of their lives, as well.
Winter Retreat
We have gone to Strength to Stand in Pigeon Forge and done our own trips, like to the Ark.